Tourney set up
Seeding will be random
Equipment Will be provided
Single elimination
Coin Toss: for priority of a team or picking the home team
Only a coin toss for picking team if both players want the same team. Who wins that coin toss will be the Away team.
After 1st round, the home team will be the player who scored the highest in the previous round
Difficulty: Hall of Fame
System: XBox One
RSVP for spots, first come first serve after.
4 minute quarters, 2 minute OT
5 minute Quarters in final four rounds, 3 minute OT
The most up to date 2k17 Roster. No 2k18 downloaded rosters

Injuries: on
Fatigue: on
Clutch Factor: on
real player % free throws
User stick Shooting
substitution Auto or Manual
Late Game Fouling: Auto or Manual
Play Vision: Off
Game Speed: 75
Camera: 2k
time/score display: on
TWO Pauses per game
“Skunk” rule is a 21 point lead

Not Allowed
No Old school, International, or All-Star teams

Players have 60 seconds upon notification to play next round of they will be disqualified
Follow all Rules of the venue
Keep trash talk clean, no excessive language
Contests will be held responsible for any harmed equipment. Controllers, Furniture, Gaming System, etc.
Failure to comply with the rules could result in a disqualification, a forfeit, removal from the venue.


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